Rioja Crianza Wine Selection

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Crianza is a Spanish wine classification used to indicate a wine that has been aged for at least 2 years. Used for wines from the Rioja region of Spain, Crianza is defined by the rules of the Denominacion de Origen Calificada (D.O.C.a), which regulates all aspects of wine production, including where the wines are made, how they are blended and how they aged.

In red wines, the period of aging in oak barrels and bottles must be a minimum of two calendar years from 1 October of the year of the harvest in question, followed and complemented by aging in the bottle. The minimum time that must remain in the barrel is one year.

How does this affect the flavour? At the Crianza level, the wines are most commonly aged in used oak, so the oak flavours are not as strong. It’s not too rich, but with Tempranillo’s natural high tannin it has quite a bit more body than Merlot. It’s like a great valued Cabernet Sauvignon.

Contents of Case:

  • 2 x El Meson - This modern Tempranillo has lively red fruit, complemented by a touch of vanilla and spice, fine acidity and smooth tannins. Serve with a variety of grilled red meat dishes.
  • 2 x Palacio de Ontono - A soft and juicy, medium-bodied red wine from Rioja, with red fruit and vanilla spice notes. Easy drinking, and pairs well with red meats and mature cheeses.
  • 2 x Rioja Vega - If you want a straightforward glass of Crianza Rioja, that soft, round and elegant red wine where Spain wins so many friends, then try this from Rioja Vega, a bodega that has been raising their game over the last decade or so. Generous, round and quaffable is the style of Rioja wine they make, taking top-quality grapes at the peak of ripeness and giving the wine a year in used-oak barrels to give a supporting role to that lovely vanilla flavour that rounds everything off. Perfect to drink with a lamb casserole, roast lamb or even beef or cheese, Riojan reds like this work very well with a wide variety of food matches.