Rothaus Alcohol Free Pils (Tannenzäpfle Alkoholfrei) 0.5% ABV - 330ml Glass Bottles


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  • GERMAN PILSNER LAGER: Rothaus Alkoholfrei Tannenzäpfle sets the benchmark in alcohol free beers, retaining it's dry and tangy flavours, with less than 0.5% alcohol. Brewed with the purest, softest spring water from sources in the Black Forest, summer barley malt grown near Lake Constance and aromatic hops from Tettnang and Hallertau.
  • NO ALCOHOL: This unrecognisably alcohol free beer comes from Rothaus, one of the most respected German Beer brands in the world. With a gentle dealcoholisation process and aroma recovery, the zero alcohol Pils retains it's full flavour, leading to a unique zesty & fresh flavour. Experience the same great taste as traditional pilsners without the alcohol, allowing you to savour every sip responsibly and guilt-free.
  • APPEARANCE & FLAVOURS: This non alcoholic beer has a light gold clear appearance, with a fine, long-lasting bright white head top. Delivers an invigorating aroma, registering a fresh Alpine meadow, and offers subtle and gentle background notes of grains and yeast. The flavour delivers what the aroma promises: initial subtle bitter notes, followed by caramel and honey, with a pleasant, thin body, but not hollow.
  • CONTENTS: Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast. Alcohol content: <0.5% vol. Gravity: 14.5%. Bitterness units: 25. This 24 pack of alcohol free German beers is vegan friendly & gluten free.
  • ROTHAUS: Rothaus is one of the most respected beer brands in the world, offering alcoholic, low alcohol, and alcohol free beers. Shop our full range of : Pilsner Beer, Wheat Beer, Cellar Beer, and the zero alcohol alternatives. These drinks make the perfect gift for your friends and family. No matter the occasion, Rothaus beers are the pleasant surprise to elevate it.

Beer Facts

Style Low Alcohol Pils Beer
Country Germany
Brewery Rothaus
Size 330ml
ABV 0.5%
Serving Temperature Chilled