Rothaus Pils 5.1% German Pilsner - 330ml Glass Bottles (DATED MAY 24 - REDUCED TO CLEAR)


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  • GERMAN PILSNER: Rothaus Pils 5.1% is an outstanding pilsner lager from Rothaus, one of the most respected and admired German Beer brands in the world. Made with the purest, softest spring water from protected sources in the beautiful Black Forest mountain region of South West Germany, Rothaus Pils is a uniquely pure and flavoursome German pilsner beer. A dry, tangy drink, which has a wonderfully balanced yet unmistakable hop aroma.
  • APPEARANCE & FLAVOUR: Rothaus Pils has a light golden clear appearance, with a fine, long-lasting bright white head top. The fine-tuned combination of aromatic hops and local malt from spring barley lend the Pilsner it's uniquely zesty and fresh flavour. Delivers an invigorating aroma, registering a fresh Alpine meadow, and offers subtle and gentle background notes of grains and yeast.
  • FRESH TASTING: With very light notes of malt and caramel that come through initially, balancing the noticeable but never overwhelming bitterness. This taste becomes thinner and fresher towards the end, with hints of the freshly mowed meadow throughout. Finishing off with a subtle bitter aftertaste, without feeling scratchy.
  • BREWING: Rothaus Pils is brewed to traditional long, cold (8-10 degrees Celsius) bottom fermentation processes - enhanced by decades of learning and the latest technological and operational innovations. Since 1956, Rothaus Pils has been a classic among Rothaus bottled beers, no wonder it's a world famous German Beer! This 20 pack of pilsner lager is gluten free & vegan friendly. Note: Representative image, Rothaus crate not included.
  • CONTENTS: Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, & yeast. Alcohol content: 5.1% vol, Gravity: 12.4%, Bitterness units: 32.

Beer Facts

Style Pilsner
Country Germany
Brewery Rothaus
Size 330ml
ABV 5.1%
Serving Temperature Chilled