Schmitt Sohne Pair – Liebfraumilch & Piesporter

Schmitt Sohne


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• 1 x Liebfraumilch - iebfraumilch is a German style of semi-sweet wine. Regulations state that at least 70 percent of the wine must be made from one or more of Riesling, Silvaner, Kerner or Müller-Thurgau. The latter is most likely to be the main component of any given bottle. The grapes used for Liebfraumilch are blended to produce a fresh and fruity Rhine wine, which is medium in style. Light yellow colour with typical fresh character and well balanced. Elegant, medium sweet and easy drinking wine.

• 1 x Piesporter - Aromas of peaches and green apples are balanced perfectly with crisp acidity to provide and clean and fresh finish. This crisp, light and versatile white wine pairs brilliantly with Pork, Rich Fish, Spicy Food, Sweet Desserts, Vegetarian and Poultry.

Over 200 years ago the Schmitt ancestors settled in the small village of Longuich, located along the Mosel River, and began managing vineyards and producing wine.