Silly Moo Unfiltered Farmhouse Cider 330ml Cans 5%



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Silly Moo Cider is made by Rachel and her father Andrew on their farm in West Sussex. After cold fermenting pure apple juice with wild yeasts over winter, they blend with more juice for a deliciously natural fresh apple flavour. It’s a lusciously fruit forward lightly sparkling cider with a moreish tannic finish. No nasties and never from concentrate.

Their herd of 250 cattle devour the leftover apple pomace after pressing, which inspired the cider’s name...


Silly Moo Unfiltered is a naturally cloudy apple cider, whose juices are fermented with the help of wild yeasts before blending with more fresh juice. It’s left unfiltered for an intensely fruity and full-bodied sessionable cider, with a tasty tannic finish.


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Cloudy Apple Cider




West Sussex





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Andrew and Rachel planted their traditional cider orchard in 2012. As it’s still relatively young, they supplement their homegrown fruit with apples swapped for cider at their annual swapping parties. This uses up waste fruit whilst also balancing their tannic cider fruit with more acidic eating and cooking garden apples to create a beautifully balanced ‘east meets west’ style of cider.

The farm is growing good food well, with flavour and sustainability at the forefront. Their cattle eat 80% homegrown grass and 20% bi-products of human food production, such as their leftover apple pomace, a local brewery’s spent grain and waste linseed cake which is left after the oil has been extracted. In turn, these cattle fertilise their orchard helping to grow more delicious fruit.