Wild Beer Co. - Wild IPA 5.2% 440ml Can

Wild Beer Co.


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This is our flagship IPA beer which was conceived at every stage with food pairing in mind. Fermented with our unique 3 yeast blend which provides the beer with a level of acidity that cuts through rich food and a complimentary pink grapefruit hop note from the Talus hops. It is balanced with a dry finish and a low but moreish bitterness. No other beer pairs with food quite like Wild IPA.

 This is the ultimate food pairing IPA beer! Well, we have long talked about the relationship our beers have with food, but we have never actually put pairing with food as the number one consideration when conceiving a beer until we created this mixed ferm IPA

 Pair with a rich and fatty beef burger topped with Westcombe cheddar in a brioche bun. The acidity of Wild IPA means it pairs beautifully with the cheese whilst the bitterness cuts through the fat of the burger. In a different direction, a classic fish and chips would go down a treat.


We started brewing in 2012 with a 3000L brewery. We could not keep up with orders for the first 2 years! Exporting to over 2 dozen countries quickly putting Britain on the “wild and sour” beer map of the world, we had total belief in what we were trying to do and a strong desire to brew boundary-pushing beer, we challenged people’s perceptions of what beer is, how it can taste and how it can be enjoyed. In our beers we elevate humble natural ingredients, using time-old as well as modern processes and techniques. Our use of alternative fermentations, unorthodox yeasts, seasonally-foraged and unusual ingredients is what helps us deliver remarkable flavour by nature. Today The Wild Beer Co brewery and barrels may have moved, but the brewing ethos, passion and magic remains exactly the same.