In this collection of our finest and rarest Shiraz, we travel far and wide, from the tropical climes of Chile to California and Washington State and of course down to South Africa and Australia to taste their premium offerings.

Shiraz wine refers separately to two different well-known wines. Historically, the name refers to the wine produced around the city of Shiraz in Persia. In the current era, "Shiraz" is an alternative name for the Syrah grape, mostly used in Australia and South Africa. The modern "Shiraz" grape is identical to Syrah and originated in southeast France with no established connection to the city of Shiraz in Persia.

Contents of Case:

  • 2 x Battle of Bosworth - A preservative-free, smooth and easy drinking Australian red wine with damson, blueberry and dark chocolate notes. Drinks really nicely on its own or will pair well with red meats and medium to mature cheeses.
  • 2 x Charles Smith Boom Boom - An award winning soft, juicy, savoury, medium-bodied shiraz with dark fruit, earthy and meaty notes on the nose; black cherry, blackberry and tobacco notes on the palate. Enjoy on its own or with food - pairs nicely with well-seasoned red meat dishes making the best pairing.
  • 2 x Delaire Graff - A rich, intense, smooth, full-bodied red wine with blackcurrant, black cherry, sweet spice and black pepper notes on the nose and the palate. Easy drinking and pairs well with a juicy beef burger, roast lamb, beef dishes and medium to mature cheeses.
  • 2 x Matetic Coralillo Organic - An award winning organic, rich, fruity, powerful full-bodied red wine with raspberry, blueberry, violet and pepper on the nose; raspberry, blackberry, dark chocolate and black pepper on the palate. Pairs well with red meats or medium to mature cheeses.
  • 2 x Nugan Estate Alfredo Dried Grape - A rich, intense, full-bodied red wine made from raisined Shiraz grapes. Black cherry, black plum and earthy savoury notes combine with an extremely satisfying long smooth finish. Easy drinking and pairs nicely with any red meat dish or mature cheese.
  • 2 x Ironstone - An award winning rich, intense, medium-bodied red wine with blackberry and blueberry notes on the nose, blueberry, dark chocolate, vanilla spice and white pepper on the palate followed by a nice smooth finish. Easy drinking and will pair well with red meats, especially beef, medium to mature cheeses and charcuterie.
    Premium Shiraz Wine Selection – 12 Bottles

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