This box of rose wines really is summer in a box. Enjoyed on their own or paired with food you really can’t go wrong.

Contents of case:

  • 2 x Route 66 Boulevard Blush - A Fantastic summer wine, one very much to be enjoyed in the sun. A slightly sweeter Rose, its is great take along on a picnic.
  • 2 x Richelieu Blush - An exquisite light and refreshing, dry blush wine from France with strawberry notes on the nose or the palate. Easy drinking and pairs well with soft cheeses, salads, pate or any lightly flavoured pasta dish.
  • 2 x Ca’ Tesore Pinot Grigio Rosé - A great BBQ wine, very light and refreshing with typical characteristics of a Pinot Grigio.
Summer Bliss Rosé Wine Selection

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